K. Narayanaswamy

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Software configuration management ( SCM) is an emerging discipline. An important aspect of realizing SCM is the task of maintaining the configurations of evolving software systems. In this paper, we provide an approach to resolving some of the conceptual and technical problems in maintaining configurations of evolving software systems. The approach provides(More)
This correspondence generalizes Hayes' recent ideas for generating an optimal transition write sequence which forms the "backbone" of his algorithm for testing semiconductor RAM's for pattern-sensitive faults. The generalization, presented in graph theoretic terms, involves two sequential steps. The frmst step results in assigning of a "color" to each(More)
Workshop I?utici~& and Position F’apers 00 CASE tools are fulfilling their objectives in practice for production quality systems, and how they could be improved. The following people were present at the above OOPSLA workshop: The workshop was organized into the following segments: Mark Baker, ObjectTime Frank Belz, TRW session I: Gregory Meyers, Rational(More)
The application of a static code analysis tool to program development and maintenance in the Common Lisp Framework (CLF) environment is considered. CLF is described briefly, with the bulk of the discussion being devoted to the structure of the code analyzer, the activities it supports, and its integration into programming activities. Applications being(More)