K Narasimhaiah Achari

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The histamine content of the endometrium was estimated in 50 women who were wearing an intrauterine device and in 48 control women. Histological examinations were conducted in both groups. The histamine content was higher among IUD users during all phases of the menstrual cycle. Histologically, endometria which had been exposed to the devices showed(More)
Prostaglandins can cause pregnancy to be terminated through any of the following mechanisms: 1) direct luteolytic effect of prostaglandins on early pregnancy; 2) intense myometrial disloding and expelling of the embryo; 3) indirect luteolytic effect caused by the removal of possible luteotropical support of the conceptus due to direct action of(More)
Changes in ovarian morphology were studied in 32 sterilization patients who had previously taken combined oral contraceptives for 1-8 months. In their gross appearance the ovaries either appeared to be inactive postmenopausal organs or they had many atretic inactive follicles devoid of corpora lutea. Histological investigation of the ovaries revealed: 1)(More)
The incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease associated with the use of intrauterine devices (IUD) was studied. Hysterosalpingography was done 15 days after IUD removal on 100 women who had worn an IUD from 6 to 36 months. 10% of the cases showed bilateral tubal blockage, 5% had 1 tube blocked, and 85% showed both tubes patent. The incidence of blockage(More)
A study of the effects of norethisterone enanthate (SH 393) on the endometrium and cervical mucus is presented. 50 women were given a monthly injection of 200 mg SH 393 in 3 series. Withdrawal bleeding at Month 1 was regular, though irregular bleeding occurred at Months 2 and 3 in 90% of the cases. Dyspepsia was the most frequent complaint (12%). (More)
A modified Direct Torque Control (DTC) by using Space Vector Modulation (DTC-SVM) for permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) drive is proposed in this paper. DTC-SVM technique improves the basic DTC performances, which features low torque and flux ripple and also fixed switching frequency. The computer simulation results, in Matlab/Simulink,(More)