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OBJECTIVE The significant roles of brown adipose tissue (BAT) in the regulation of energy expenditure and adiposity are established in small rodents but have been controversial in humans. The objective is to examine the prevalence of metabolically active BAT in healthy adult humans and to clarify the effects of cold exposure and adiposity. RESEARCH DESIGN(More)
In this paper, we analyse the authentication protocol that has been proposed for the so called global mobility network in the October issue of the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications. Using a simple logic of authentication, we show that the protocol has aws, and we present three diierent attacks that exploit these. We correct the protocol using(More)
The present paper proposes an analog CMOS circuit that implements a bursting oscillator with a depressing synapse. Bursting oscillation arises as the result of interaction between a fast excitatory subsystem and a slow subsystem. We employ an analog circuit, called the hardware oregonator for emulating the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction as a fast subsystem(More)
To simplify the acquisition protocol of carbon-11 labeled flumazenil (FMZ) positron emission tomography (PET) for distribution volume (DV) images, we attempted to obtain standardized uptake value (SUV) images compatible with DV images, and assessed the applicability of this method in patients with unilateral cerebrovascular diseases (CVD). [(11)C]FMZ PET(More)
We propose a digital VLSI implementation of multiple-value cellular automata for simulating traffic flow. Recently, a family of the Burgers cellular automata (BCA) has been proposed as multi-lane traffic flow models, which are derived from the Burgers' equation interpreted as a macroscopic traffic flow model using the ultra-discrete method. The family of(More)
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