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This paper presents a framework for simulation of within-day re-planning for the MATSim project. Three major building blocks are presented, each of which represents specific aspects of driver behavior. These components comprise (i) the provision of descriptive information in the form of link travel costs, (ii) prescriptive information in the form of routes,(More)
| A simple, rule-based approach to traac ow can yield astonishingly realistic results and is therefore a candidate for very fast large scale microscopic traac simulations. In the present article, we evaluate two conceptually diierent codings of the same dynamics on parallel supercomputers. We use a Parsytec GCel{3 (1024 nodes), an Intel iPSC/860 (32 nodes),(More)
We describe two new and practically relevant simulation techniques related to the kinematic wave model of traffic flow. Firstly, we demonstrate how the well-known Godunov solution scheme can be run on variable time scales in a computationally very efficient way. Secondly, we demonstrate how the resulting macroscopic traffic flow model can be run in(More)
We describe a simple framework for microsimulation of city traac. A medium sized excerpt of Dallas was used to examine diierent levels of simulation delity of a cellular automaton method for the traac ow simulation and a simple intersection model. We point out problems arising with the granular structure of the underlying rules of motion.
As we enable everyday environments with ubiquitous technology, there are many opportunities to support simple activities in useful ways. We are investigating how an environment made aware of the location and activities of its occupants can better support direct human-human communication. Specifically, we have instrumented a home to explore lightweight,(More)
This article describes a behavioral model of combined route and activity location choice. The model can be simulated by a combination of a time variant best path algorithm and dynamic programming, yielding a behavioral pattern that minimizes a traveler's perceived cost. Furthermore, the model is extended in a Bayesian manner, providing behavioral(More)