K. N. Potter

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Previous work has shown that, after domestic chicks have learned the characteristics of an object (visual imprinting), there is a learning-related increase in the numerical density of Fos-immunopositive neurons in the intermediate and medial part of the hyperstriatum ventrale, a forebrain region that is a site of recognition memory for the imprinted object.(More)
A comprehensive DNA analysis computer program was described in the second special issue of Nucleic Acids Research on the applications of computers to research on nucleic acids by Stone and Potter (1). Criteria used in designing the program were user friendliness, ability to handle large DNA sequences, low storage requirement, migratability to other(More)
A program designed for DNA sequence analysis by people with no computer background or experience is described. The criteria used in the program design were (i) user friendliness, (ii) ability to handle large DNA files (greater than 10 kilobases), (iii) low storage requirements so that it could be put on a personal computer (IBM), (iv) written in a widely(More)
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