K. N. Ponnuswamy

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To determine whether and how common polymorphisms are associated with natural distributions of iris colors, we surveyed 851 individuals of mainly European descent at 335 SNP loci in 13 pigmentation genes and 419 other SNPs distributed throughout the genome and known or thought to be informative for certain elements of population structure. We identified(More)
Phaeohyphomycosis comprises a spectrum of mycotic infectious diseases caused by heterogeneous group of phaeoid fungi. A subcutaneous cystic swelling with histological hallmark of pigmented hyphae in tissues accompanied by pyogenic granuloma is diagnostic of phaeohyphomycosis. We present two cases of phaeohyphomycosis in 65- and 55-year-old male(More)
Data on 30 three-way maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids formed from 5 inbred lines were subjected to the combining ability type of analysis. The relative importance of general and specific line effects in maize three-way hybrids was studied by the Ponnuswamy and Das (1973) method. It was also shown that this analysis provides the breeder with the basic information(More)
The simple mating designs provide unbiased estimates for genetic components of variance (additive genetic variance and dominance variance) under the assumption of no epistatic effect. There is empirical evidence, however, that suggests the existence of epistatic gene effects. The triallel and double cross mating designs permit the estimation of epistatic(More)
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