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In many reptile groups, molecular systematics is currently revealing high levels of cryptic diversity (i.e. genetically distinct lineages that are difficult to distinguish morphologically). One obvious mode for mate discrimination in these cryptic species is chemoreception. We hypothesise that diversity in these groups is not cryptic for pheromones, and(More)
Alternative reproductive tactics, whereby members of the same sex use different tactics to secure matings, are often associated with conditional intrasexual dimorphisms. Given the different selective pressures on males adopting each mating tactic, intrasexual dimorphism is more likely to arise if phenotypes are genetically uncoupled and free to evolve(More)
An experimental study using a new fiberoptic sensor for the continuous intraarterial measurement of oxygen tension is described. This "optode" sensor uses the phenomenon of fluorescence quenching to determine the oxygen tension of the surrounding medium. To assess the accuracy of this device, we anesthetized 4 dogs and monitored them continuously with(More)
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