K. N. Nischal

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Craniosynostosis syndromes can be associated with missing extraocular muscles, or muscles with abnormal insertions, and so provide useful test cases for assessing our understanding of the mechanics of the extraocular muscles. Patient with craniosynostosis syndromes often show eye movements in which a horizontal movement by one eye is accompanied by upshoot(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of halquinol, an antimicrobial used as a growth promotor in poultry, on the fresh water fish Catla catla in terms of growth promotion, protein profile, and physiology as the rate of oxygen consumption. A synergic increment in the free amino acid level and total protein concentration suggested enhanced(More)
Given India's night-time satellite images and census data, this paper proposes a method to correlate light intensity from images with state-wise poverty, population, GDP, and forest cover, and forecast future values of the same for each state. We use the predictive model based method for imputation of missing data, multivariate regression analysis for(More)
Rehabilitating atrophied mandible with two-implant supported denture is a common treatment modality for implant retained removable overdenture in mandible. This paper aims to design a treatment modality where single implant reinforced overdenture is fabricated for a severely atrophied mandibular ridge with early loading protocol. Results of studies have(More)
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