K. N. Magdoom

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We present a computational model that highlights the role of basal ganglia (BG) in generating simple reaching movements. The model is cast within the reinforcement learning (RL) framework with correspondence between RL components and neuroanatomy as follows: dopamine signal of substantia nigra pars compacta as the temporal difference error, striatum as the(More)
Recent advances in the treatment of cancer involving therapeutic agents have shown promising results. However, treatment efficacy can be limited due to inadequate and uneven uptake in solid tumors, thereby making the prediction of drug transport important for developing effective therapeutic strategies. In this study, a patient-specific computational porous(More)
Systemic drug delivery to solid tumors involving macromolecular therapeutic agents is challenging for many reasons. Amongst them is their chaotic microvasculature which often leads to inadequate and uneven uptake of the drug. Localized drug delivery can circumvent such obstacles and convection-enhanced delivery (CED)--controlled infusion of the drug(More)
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