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— Digital image and video in their raw form require an enormous amount of storage capacity. Considering the important role played by digital imaging and video, it is necessary to develop a system that produces high degree of compression while preserving critical image/video information. There is various transformation techniques used for data compression.(More)
Natural fibers are gaining the interest of scientist and engineering in packaging, low cost housing and other general applications. In the present study, adhesive tensile and moisture absorption properties of randomly distributed areca fibre and maize powder reinforced urea formaldehyde composites has been investigated. Composites were prepared by hydraulic(More)
Due to their excellent scalability and better immunity to short channel effects, Double gate MOSFETs rule the CMOS applications era. However for channel lengths below 100nm, DG MOSFETs still show considerable threshold voltage roll off and to overcome this, gate engineering technique can be widely used. In this paper, we systematically investigate the(More)
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