K. Moriyasu

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Recent data on Kip ---) Kip are interpreted in terms of two distinctly different Regge models, both of which provide good descriptions of the data. The forward differential cross sections for K;p + K;p and n-p -+ non are used to determine an f/d ratio for the nonflip coupling of vector mesons to baryons. (Submitted to Phys. Rev. Letters.) * Work supported(More)
We have measured the Ki yields at SIAC for electron energies of 10 and 16 GeV and at production angles of 2’ and 4’, using the SLAC 40-inch hydrogen bubble chamber as a Ki detector. The observed yields are compared with the predictions of a model involving the intermediate photoproduction of Q(1020) mesons. In addition, we have measured the relative neutron(More)
The Belousov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reactions were used as typical examples of a nonlinear system far from equilibrium in connection with biological evolution. The virtual absence of gravity in the present work was given from the free-fall facility of Japan Microgravity Center (JAMIC) in Hokkaido. The reaction solution of BZ reaction was composed of bromate in(More)
We present an analysis of the reaction n-p h-n+n at 16 GeV/c. The total cross section for this channel was measured to be 0.40 rt 0.08 mb and production cross sections of 52 -I 13 kb and 38 tf: 9 pb were determined for the p” and f” resonances, respectively. A comparison with the one-pion-exchange model of Wolf shows good agreement with our data. (Submitted(More)
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