K. Miyajima

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The reversal phase of caloric nystagmus is provoked when the lateral semicircular canal in a patient is reoriented from a vertical to a horizontal plane at the cessation of the caloric first phase, which we called the provoked caloric second phase. In investigating the clinical significance of the provoked caloric second phase, we recruited 102 vertiginous(More)
CONCLUSIONS Up-beating vertical component recorded in the caloric first phase was attributed mainly to the inhibitory endolymph flow in the anterior canal. Down-beating vertical component recorded in the caloric second phase provoked by a positional change could be explained by a reversed endolymph flow in vertical canal(s). OBJECTIVE To investigate the(More)
We measured the horizontal and vertical components of caloric nystagmus in 120 ears of 60 vertiginous patients who had moderate to vigorous caloric first-phase response in both ears, no spontaneous nystagmus, and no severe disorders in the central nervous system. We provoked a caloric first phase in the supine position with 5 ml of water at 20 degrees C for(More)
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