K Mikalahti

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A homohexameric molecule of Escherichia coli pyrophosphatase is arranged as a dimer of trimers, with an active site present in each of its six monomers. Earlier we reported that substitution of His(136) and His(140) in the intertrimeric subunit interface splits the molecule into active trimers (Velichko, I. S., Mikalahti, K., Kasho, V. N., Dudarenkov, V.(More)
Escherichia coli inorganic pyrophosphatase is a tight hexamer of identical subunits. Replacement of both His136 and His140 by Gln in the subunit interface results in an enzyme which is trimeric up to 26 mg/mL enzyme concentration in the presence of Mg2+, allowing direct measurements of Mg2+ binding to trimer by equilibrium dialysis. The results of such(More)
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