K. Meenakshi

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In our study, a series of novel 3-(4-(benzylideneamino) phenylimino) 4-fluoroindolin-2-one derivatives were synthesized and characterized by spectral (I.R, (1)H NMR, mass) and elemental analysis. The title compounds (N(1)-N(10)) were evaluated for analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and ulcerogenic index activities. Results displayed that compound N(3) exhibited(More)
— This paper presents a robust video watermarking scheme in Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) and Sequency-ordered Complex Hadamard Transform (SCHT). The DFT and SCHT coefficients are complex and consist of both magnitude and phase and are well suited to adopt phase shift keying techniques to embed the watermark. In the proposed schemes, the phases of DFT(More)
In this paper a robust Hybridized Watermarking scheme based on Fast Walsh Hadamard transform (FWHT) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) using Genetic algorithm (GA) is presented. The host image is subjected to FWHT and SVD. The singular values of SVD of host image are modified with singular values of watermark. Multiple scaling factors are used in(More)
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