K. Matsuzawa

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Alexithymia and depression in family members of alcoholics were examined among 48 families. Results were as follows: (1) The prevalence of alexithymia was 47.9% (23 cases), whereas that of depression was only 6.3% (3 cases); (2) no significant correlation between alexithymia and depression was noted; (3) expressiveness and conflict were significantly lower(More)
In sleep-disordered breathing, tracheal sounds disappear during apnea and vary cyclicly during hypopnea. We tried to detect these changes in tracheal sounds automatically with a personal computer, and we evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of this system for detecting sleep-disordered breathing. Polysomnography and tracheal sound recording were done in 33(More)
We performed electroencephalograms in 32 neonates of intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) within seven days of birth. EEG findings were compared with those observed in neonatal brain damage. Seven EEGs had a dysmature pattern which is seen in the subacute and chronic stages of prolonged and mild neonatal brain depression, and five had a disorganized(More)
A simple direct precise localization with a CT scan for convexity lesions is presented. The shape of the normal calvarium was analyzed and a characteristic pattern was obtained, that is, one spherical surface in the frontal area and 6 flat planes in the temporal, parietal and occipital areas. The temporal plane is perpendicular to the orbito-meatal line(More)
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