K. Matsubayashi

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Among 39 cases with acute-onset amnestic syndrome having unilateral localized infarct, 8 cases with anteromedial thalamic infarct ("thalamic" amnesia), and 18 cases with medial temporal lobe infarct including hippocampus in the posterior cerebral artery territory ("PCA" amnesia) were studied in terms of X-CT and MRI findings and neuropsychological(More)
To clarify the influence of rearing conditions on the growth of various body parts of Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata), two groups reared under different conditions, i.e., a group born and reared in open enclosures (Enclosure group) and another consisting of macaques born and reared in cages (Caged group), were somatometrically analyzed. Somatometric data(More)
It is very rare for neurosurgeons to encounter cases of spinal cord injury caused by a broken acupuncture needle. A 45-year-old man was referred to our clinic because of urinary retention about two weeks after acupuncture therapy (a needle was broken during treatment). The patient showed no motor weakness, or sensory disturbance. The needle was seen(More)
Sleep spindles in eight normal adults were analyzed automatically by a minicomputer. The accuracy of spindle detection was about 90%. Spindle wave frequency was measured by an approximation method for the spindle peaks; this method employed a quadratic equation on prior analog filtering. The accuracy of measurement was within 0.6 msec (SD 1). The average(More)
The introduction of pinup oxygen on C 60 , such as in the oxidized fullerenes C 60 O and C 60 O n , induced noticeable increase in the antioxidant activity as compared to pristine C 60. The water-soluble inclusion complexes of fullerenes C 60 O and C 60 O n reacted with linoleic acid per-oxyl radical 1.7 and 2.4 times faster, respectively.
We investigated the effects of cocaine on the development of the corpus callosum. Pregnant Wistar strain rats (Thirteenth day of gestation) were used in this study. On the day following birth, litters were culled to 8 pups (4 males and 4 females), and rats were assigned to either a control or drug treatment group. From postnatal day 1 (P1, at birth = P0) to(More)
The localization of monoamine oxidase (MAO) in nerve fibers associated with the major cerebral arteries in rats was studied using a new coupled peroxidation method modified by adding nickel ammonium sulfate at the electron microscopic level. MAO was, localized in some unmyelinated axons, both in the adventitia and in the periadventitial nerve bundles.(More)
The density of sympathetic nerve terminals in human superficial temporal arteries from 5 cases at intra- and extracranial bypass surgery was examined with two histochemical methods, one with potassium permanganate fixation and the other with the new monoamine oxidase staining technique. By potassium permanganate fixation, small cored vesicles containing(More)