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Computational constraints currently limit exact multipoint linkage analysis to pedigrees of moderate size. We introduce new algorithms that allow analysis of larger pedigrees by reducing the time and memory requirements of the computation. We use the observed pedigree genotypes to reduce the number of inheritance patterns that need to be considered. The(More)
We report results from a study of Lambda(0) polarization in the exclusive reaction pp --> p(f)(Lambda0K+) at 800-GeV/c. We observe a dependence of the polarization on the Lambda0K+ invariant mass with large (+71%) positive polarization at small mass (1.63-GeV/c(2)) and large (-43%) negative polarization at large mass (2.75-GeV/c(2)). This observation(More)
We present a joint linkage analysis of eight data sets collected for asthma. Three of the data sets are full genome scans, while the remaining five concentrate on a 40-cM region on chromosome 5. We perform the analysis using one qualitative and one quantitative phenotype: asthma status and IgE level. Considering all data sets simultaneously, we do not find(More)
We report the first observation of diffractively produced open charm in 800-GeV/c pp collisions of the type pp-->pD*X. We measure cross sections of sigma(diff)(D*+) = (0.185+/-0.044+/-0.054) (mu)b and sigma(diff)(D(*-)) = (0.174+/-0.034+/-0.029) (mu)b. Our measurements are based on 4.3x10(9) events recorded by FNAL E690 in the fixed-target run of 1991. We(More)
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