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This project proposes the embedding is done by modifying the specific bits of the singular values of the transformed host ima ge with the bits of the watermark image's singular values. First, the DWT-SVD transform is applied to each sub-band of the transformed image and the singular values of each sub-band and the singular values of the watermark image are(More)
A number of channel estimation algorithms for iterative receivers are compared for the case of an up-link orthogonal frequency division multiplexing interleave division multiple access (OFDM-IDMA) system. Both pilot based algorithms, used to obtain an initial estimate, as well as semiblind decision-directed algorithms working as a component of the iterative(More)
A predictive method based on Artificial networks has been developed for the thermophysical properties of binary liquid mixtures at (303.15, 313.15 and 323.15) K. In method 1, a committee ANN was trained using 5 physical properties combined with absolute temperature as its input to predict thermo physical properties of liquid mixtures. Using these data,(More)
Electronic cleansing is an image post processing technique in which the tagged colonic content is subtracted from colon using CTC images. There are post processing artefacts, like: 1) soft tissue degradation; 2) incomplete cleansing; 3) misclassification of polyp due to pseudo enhanced voxels; and 4) pseudo soft tissue structures. The objective of the study(More)
Penoscrotal transposition (PST) is a rare anomaly of the external genitalia that can be complete or incomplete while incomplete type is more common. Various surgical methods are described for correction of incomplete PST. Modified Glenn Anderson's method is commonly used. This method is known to cause major penile lymphoedema following surgery. Various(More)
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