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The guinea pig model of low-dose pulmonary tuberculosis has been used to study the pathogenesis of infection as well as the mechanisms of bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine-induced resistance. We investigated the function of lung cells from naive and BCG-vaccinated guinea pigs after enzymatic digestion of lung tissue with collagenase and DNase I. The(More)
Whole transcriptome profiling is now almost routinely used in various fields of biology, including microbiology. In vivo transcriptome studies usually provide relevant information about the biological processes in the organism and thus are indispensable for the formulation of hypotheses, testing, and correcting. In this study, we describe the results of(More)
We performed a comparative analysis ofMycobacterium aviumtranscriptomes (strain 724R) in infected mice of two different strains- resistant and susceptible to infection. Sets of mycobacterial genes transcribed in lung tissue were defined, and differentially transcribed genes were revealed. Our results indicate thatM. aviumgenes coding for enzymes of the(More)
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