K. Madhava Nayak

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BACKGROUND Epigenetic signatures are highly cell type specific. Separation of distinct cell populations is therefore desirable for all epigenetic studies. However, to date little information is available on whether separation protocols might influence epigenetic and/or gene expression signatures and hence might be less beneficial. We investigated the(More)
DNA methylation is one of the major epigenetic mechanisms implicated in regulating cellular development and cell-type-specific gene expression. Here we performed simultaneous genome-wide DNA methylation and gene expression analysis on purified intestinal epithelial cells derived from human fetal gut, healthy pediatric biopsies, and children newly diagnosed(More)
scalp wound properly cleansed, antiSepticised and drained, represents in a highest degree the possibilities of good surgery," writes Donald J. Armour; "a scalp wound improperly cared for, covered with hair and matted blood, and its extent undetermined, represents one of the worst forms of surgical neglect." This statement is so true that it requires no(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS We analyzed DNA methylation patterns and transcriptomes of primary intestinal epithelial cells (IEC) of children newly diagnosed with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) to learn more about pathogenesis. METHODS We obtained mucosal biopsies (n=236) collected from terminal ileum and ascending and sigmoid colons of children (median age=13)(More)
OBJECTIVE Human intestinal epithelial organoids (IEOs) are increasingly being recognised as a highly promising translational research tool. However, our understanding of their epigenetic molecular characteristics and behaviour in culture remains limited. DESIGN We performed genome-wide DNA methylation and transcriptomic profiling of human IEOs derived(More)
are called upon to carry out emergency opera tions in India. r?c The patient, a man aged about 55 admitted to the Pentland Hospital with stran gulated hernia on the morning of the 1st uciober, 1927. The hernia was of about the size ot a cocoanut, and had suddenly become stranguiatea about 10 p.m. the previous night. As the pa lived some 10 miles from the(More)
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