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The transarticular arthroscopic approach with a posterior incision provided a method of repairing more than 98% of unstable meniscus tears encountered between November 1983 and November 1986. A clinically stable bond was obtained in most of these tears with a subjective failure rate of 2% or less. There was a trend towards better healing of isolated(More)
In a previous series, complex meniscal tears, including double flap, double longitudinal, and radial tears, there was reported a high failure rate (14 of 58 repairs, 24%) when treated by conventional arthroscopic repair techniques. There was only one tear in the anterior middle one-third of the lateral meniscus in this group. The use of a fascia sheath to(More)
In this series of 153 meniscus tears, 8% were isolated whereas 92% were in conjunction with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. Exogenous fibrin clot was injected with a blunt needle in the seam of the tear. One to 2 ml of clot was sufficient to fill an average defect. When gaps could not be closed, such as with a radial split or flap in the posterior(More)
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