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Adults with anorexia are an under-researched group because the usual focus is on adolescents. The relationships that occur between healthcare professionals and adults with anorexia are often challenging, because they do not necessarily agree on the goals of treatment. The therapeutic relationship is widely recognized as crucial to care, even healing and(More)
Responding to aggressive behaviour is a key activity for nurses and other care staff in high secure hospitals. The attitudes and beliefs of staff regarding patient aggression will influence the management strategies they adopt. Patients will also hold attitudes regarding the causes of and best ways to respond to aggressive behaviour. This study measured the(More)
Forensic mental health nurses who work with patients who have severe and enduring mental health needs have been identified as at risk of suffering from occupational stress, and even developing burnout syndrome. Therefore, this article reviews the available literature on stress and burnout in inpatient forensic mental health nursing to identify the stressors(More)
This paper provides a commentary upon the nursing care of individuals diagnosed with personality disorder and associated education courses. The discussion focuses upon recent policy trends in the UK as a point of departure. This policy discourse is critical of mainstream mental health services in previously operating to exclude such individuals. One of the(More)
The establishment of a positive therapeutic relationship has been widely acknowledged internationally as an intrinsic part of therapy and caring services, even healing and restorative in its own right. In this paper, current understandings of the therapeutic relationship are presented and reconsidered within the context of caring for patients with anorexia(More)
In an influential 1999 article on social capital in Britain, Peter Hall cites Britain as a counterexample to Robert Putnam's well-known analysis of declining social capital in the United States (Hall 1999). Hall claims that there has been no equivalent erosion of social participation in Britain, although there has been an apparent decline in social trust.(More)
The administration of medication is an important therapeutic intervention. However, concerns have been raised about the management of this procedure in the acute area. Therefore, a survey was conducted with registered nurses (n = 24) and patients (n = 57) from three acute admission wards in an inner city hospital in the north west of England. Semistructured(More)
This study utilized a social constructivist model and reports upon interviews conducted with five female patients in a medium secure service. Their perception of self-harm is considered. Six themes emerged from the data, 'the traumatized individual', 'interrupted maturation process', 'the hidden experience', 'crossing the line', 'individual and systemic(More)