K. M. Tolonen

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The complex genomic organization of the murine T cell receptor (TcR) delta-alpha region has hindered detailed studies of alpha gene rearrangement and J alpha gene usage in individual differentiating T cell precursors. We have isolated a novel set of J alpha probes which, in combination with a few restriction enzyme digests, enable a reliable, simple and(More)
The present work describes a procedure for the co-purification of cysteine sulfinate decarboxylase (CSAD) and glutamate decarboxylase (GAD) from calf brain. A crude enzyme preparation was first made from brain homogenate by acid precipitation and ammonium sulphate fractionation. Subsequent fractionation of the decarboxylase preparation by cation exchange(More)
This study aims to make an initial evaluation of an Internet-based self-assessment tool for Finnish drinkers () and its effects on their use of alcohol. The subjects (n=343) were recruited from among the 1598 anonymous respondents to the survey on this self-assessment service. The subjects' baseline data were first compared to those of a random sample of(More)
AIM The aim of this work was to report on the results of a pilot study of a web-based self-assessment service (DHT) for Finnish drinkers (www.paihdelinkki.fi/testaa/juomatapatesti). METHOD During the 7-month recruitment period in 2004 altogether 22,536 anonymous self-assessments were recorded in the database of this service. The study sample was recruited(More)
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