K. M. S. Sharma

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A simple technique has been suggested to obtain optimal segmentation based on tonal and textural characteristics of an image using the Markov random field (MRF) model. The technique takes an initially over segmented image as well as the original image as its inputs and defines an MRF over the region adjacency graph (RAG) of the initially segmented regions.(More)
This paper addresses the problem of identification of appropriate autoregressive (AR) components to describe textural regions of digital images by a general class of two-dimensional (2-D) AR models. In analogy with univariate time series, the proposed technique first selects a neighborhood set of 2-D lag variables corresponding to the significant multiple(More)
Image registration technique is useful for variety of applications ranging from surveillance to image mosaicing where task is to match two or more pictures taken, for example, at different times, from different sensors, or from different viewpoints. This paper is an attempt to make a survey of image registration techniques and provides overall source of(More)
A compact stack antenna consisting of square patch, loop couplers and inset feed line is simulated in this paper. The proposed antenna have a stacked patch antenna with an arrangement of two substrates separated by an air gape, A coupling is provided using square loop structure. The simulation results obtained with stacked structure are discussed and(More)
At present, registration of the Large size Very High Resolution (VHR) images is one of the important task in remote image analysis. However, until now, it is still rare to find an accurate and robust image registration method, and most of the existing methods are designed for small size images. Among the most popular methods, SIFT is performed well to(More)
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