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The formation of daughter nuclei and the reformation of nucleolar structures was studied after microinjection of antibodies to RNA polymerase I into dividing cultured cells (PtK2). The fate of several nucleolar proteins representing the three main structural subcomponents of the nucleolus was examined by immunofluorescence and electron microscopy. The(More)
From a genomic DNA library of Sendai virus, we have identified and sequenced clones corresponding to the F glycoprotein gene. The limits of the F gene region were defined by mapping the 5' and 3' ends of the mRNA with S1 nuclease. The Sendai virus F gene is 1821 nucleotides long. The predicted primary translation product of the single long open reading(More)
Transcriptionally inactive chick erythrocyte nuclei were reactivated by Sendal virus-induced fusion of erythrocytes with rat L6J1 myoblasts. We used antibodies to trace the appearance of a specific protein engaged in transcription of a defined class of genes, those coding for rRNA, during reactivation. Using immunofluorescence microscopy, we found(More)
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