K. M. Muskavitch

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Fragments produced by partial digestion of plastid DNA fromZea mays withEco RI were cloned in Charon 4A. A circular, fine structure physical map of the plastid DNA was then constructed from restriction endonucleaseSal I,Pst I,Eco RI, andBam HI recognition site maps of cloned overlapping segments of the plastid genome. These fragments were assigned molecular(More)
Using a gentle method to prepare complexes of duplex DNA and the recBC enzyme for electron microscopy, structures not seen previously were observed to be associated with the double strand DNA exonuclease activity of the enzyme. These were terminal forms and loop + tail(s) structures. Both individual terminal single-stranded tails and single-stranded regions(More)
Sequences for two serine isoaccepting maize plastid tRNAs have been previously reported (Steinmetz, et al., 1983; Krebbers et al., 1984). We now report the location and DNA sequence of the third isoaccepting species. The gene is located at maize chloroplast coordinate 102.078 to 102.165 (see Larrinua et al., 1983), in fragment BamHI-2, approximately 3.6 kb(More)
This case is part of a series of case studies used as an exercise within a program on research ethics education. The case involves research on genetic birth defects in a culturally distinct, closed religious community in which elders speak for the community. The case raises ethical issues of informed consent in such a setting; of collaboration with the(More)
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