K M Lulich

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Responses of human bronchial strip preparations to contractile and relaxant agonists were measured in preparations from non-diseased and from asthmatic lung obtained 3-15 h post-mortem. The potencies of carbachol and histamine were approximately two times less in asthmatic than in non-diseased bronchi. This was statistically significant for carbachol (P(More)
This review examines the roles and functional significance of alpha and beta-adrenoceptor subtypes in airway smooth muscle, with emphasis on human airway function and the influence of asthma. Specifically, we have examined the distribution of beta-adrenoceptors in lung and the influence of age, the epithelium, respiratory viruses and inflammation associated(More)
1 A new in vitro preparation, the isolated lung strip of the cat, is described for investigating the direct effect of drugs on the smooth muscle of the peripheral airways of the lung. The preparation comprises a thin strip of lung parenchyma which can be mounted in a conventional organ bath for isometric tension recording. Its pharmacological responses have(More)
1. The use of the isolated lung strip and single open tracheal ring for studying Schultz Dale anaphylactic contractions in both the peripheral and central airways is described. 2. This method is particularly relevant to studies of anaphylaxis because many preparations may be obtained from a single sensitized animal. 3. Isolated preparations from control(More)
1 The effect of histamine and other drugs on the central and peripheral airways of the rat was studied by applying them directly to isolated tracheal and lung strip preparations. These effects were then compared with those observed on human isolated bronchial muscle preparations. 2 Acetylcholine and 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) both contracted the lung strip(More)
Beta 2-Agonists are safe and effective bronchodilator drugs. Their major adverse effects of skeletal muscle tremor, tachycardia and various metabolic effects are mediated by beta-adrenoceptor stimulation and are reversible. Skeletal muscle tremor is the most frequent dose-limiting side effect. It may be reduced by commencing treatment with a low dose and if(More)
Several key predictions of a recently developed model for functional antagonism (Mackay, 1981) were experimentally tested using the rat isolated costo-uterine preparation. In the presence of the functional antagonist fenoterol (Fen), the functional constants (KAF) for carbachol and oxotremorine (Oxo) were respectively 9.9 and 3.4 fold greater than their(More)
The major advance in the last decade in treating asthma is the realisation that it is primarily an inflammatory process in the airways and not a bronchial smooth-muscle disease. Accordingly, much more emphasis is being placed on the early introduction of regular anti-inflammatory therapy, greatly facilitated by the development of inhaled steroid products.(More)