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Six cannulated beef cows (one Angus, two Hereford and three Angus x Hereford; 405 kg) were used in a 6 x 6 latin square experiment with a 2 x 3 factorial arrangement of treatments. Prairie hay (.77% N, 73% neutral detergent fiber [NDF] and 7% acid detergent lignin) was fed ad libitum from d 1 through 14 and at 90% of ad libitum intake from d 15 through 21(More)
Feed intake, digestion and digesta characteristics of cattle fed bermudagrass (BG) or orchardgrass (OG) alone or with supplemental ground corn or barley were determined in two 6 x 6 latin squares with 2 x 3 factorial treatment arrangements. In Exp. 1, beef cows (Hereford, Angus and Hereford-Angus; 452 kg) cannulated in the rumen and duodenum were fed BG(More)
Holstein steer calves (101 to 350 kg BW) consumed bermudagrass hay ad libitum without or with supplemental ground corn up to 1.0% of BW. As BW increased, total DMI increased quadratically (-2.459 + .05448 [BW]-.000073 [BW2] + .540 [corn DMI]; R2 = .83, sy.x = .655). Each kilogram of corn DM decreased bermudagrass DMI by .46 kg. Total digestible OM intake(More)
Effects of level and frequency of supplementation with alfalfa (A) on feed intake and digestion by steers fed bermudagrass (B) or orchardgrass (O) were determined in two Latin square experiments. In Exp. 1, six Holstein steers (224 kg) were fed B (2.25% N; 71.4% NDF) or O (2.52% N; 64.3% NDF) with 0, 15 or 30% (DM) A (2.70% N; 44.0% NDF). Total DMI was(More)
Five crossbred beef steers (329 kg) were used in a 5 x 5 Latin square experiment with 14-d periods to determine the effects of supplementation with high-nitrogen (N) feeds alone or mixed with tallow on sites of digestion with a basal diet of bermudagrass hay. Hay was 1.93% nitrogen, 75% neutral detergent fibre and fed at 1.83% of body weight (dry matter;(More)
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