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OBJECTIVE To examine the potential effectiveness and efficiency of different guidelines for statin treatment to reduce deaths from coronary heart disease in the Canadian population. DESIGN Modelled outcomes of screening and treatment recommendations of six national or international guidelines--from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, joint(More)
Current research based on various approaches including the use of numerical prediction models, statistical models and machine learning models have provided some encouraging results in the area of long-term weather forecasting. But at the level of meso-scale and even micro-scale severe weather phenomena (involving very short-term chaotic perturbations) such(More)
Choanal atresia (CA) is a relatively uncommon but well-recognized condition characterized by the anatomical closure of the posterior choanae in the nasal cavity. Since the original description back in the early eighteenth century, there have been controversies regarding its exact pathogenesis, the optimal surgical approach, and the use of adjunct treatments(More)
Ich versichere, dass ich die Arbeit ohne fremde Hilfe und ohne Benutzung anderer als der an-gegebenen Quellen angefertigt habe und dass die Arbeit in gleicher oder ähnlicher Form noch keiner anderen Prüfungsbehörde vorgelegen hat und von dieser als Teil einer Prüfungsleistung angenommen wurde. Alle Ausführungen, die wörtlich oder sinngemäß übernommen(More)
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