K. M. Klingensmith

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The degree to which soil resource availability is linked to patterns of microbial activity and plant productivity within ecosystems has important consequences for our understanding of how ecosystems are structured and for the management of systems for agricultural production. We studied this linkage in a 48-ha site in southwest Michigan, USA, that had been(More)
Nitrogen cycle studies were carried out on two distinct systems in arctic Alaska. Research on the first, a series of small tundra thaw ponds near Barrow, was carried out as part of the International Biological Program Tundra Biome program. Research on the contrasting system, Toolik Lake, was done during the year following completion of the Barrow pond(More)
We used a combination of N tracer methods and a C(2)H(2) blockage technique to determine the role of sediment nitrification and denitrification in a deep oligotrophic arctic lake. Inorganic nitrogen concentrations ranged between 40 and 600 nmol . cm, increasing with depth below the sediment-water interface. Nitrate concentrations were at least 10 times(More)
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