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Cellular metabolism is affected by many factors in a cell's environment. Given a sufficiently sensitive method for measuring cellular metabolic rates, it should be possible to detect a wide variety of chemical and physical stimuli. A biosensor has been constructed in which living cells are confined to a flow chamber in which a potentiometric sensor(More)
Activation of beta-adrenergic or muscarinic acetylcholine receptors expressed in transfected cells or epidermal growth factor receptors in human keratinocytes produces 15% to 200% changes in cellular metabolic rates. Changes in cell metabolism were monitored continuously with a previously described silicon-based microphysiometer that detects small changes(More)
Results on treatment of 445 episodes of 420 patients suffering from spontaneous pneumothorax (sptx) are reported. The overall mortality was 1.4%. No death was encountered during the treatment of 246 primary sptx patients. Mortality of secondary ptx was 3.4%. Detailed data of the recent 92 patients are analysed. Recurrence rate of drainage (ICC) therapy of(More)
Cellular perfusion chambers have been constructed from the Light Addressable Potentiometric Sensor (LAPS) previously described. The authors have used these chambers to measure the effects of a variety of agents on the metabolic rates of cells. The chambers are used in a stopped flow mode. When flow is on, samples may be introduced to the chamber. When flow(More)
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