K. M. Jackson

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African American children with autism are seriously under-represented in existing genetic registries and biomedical research studies of autism. We estimated the number of African American children with autism in the St. Louis region using CDC surveillance data and present the outcomes of a concerted effort to enroll approximately one-third of that(More)
We evaluated the performance of four currently available manikins: Airway Management Trainer (Ambu, UK), Airway Trainer (Laerdal, Norway), Airsim (Trucorp, Ireland), 'Bill 1' (VBM, Germany), with eight supraglottic airway devices: Airway Management Device, Cobra Perilaryngeal Airway, Combitube, i-Gel, Laryngeal Tube, Laryngeal Tube Disposable, Laryngeal(More)
The CMOS-based IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Servers have always employed the technique of memory caching to bridge the gap between processor speed and mainmemory access time. However, that gap has widened with each succeeding system generation, requiring increasingly sophisticated, multiple-level cache structures in order to minimize memory-access latency.(More)
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