K. M. Jackson

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Analysis of the intrinsic fluorescence profiles of individual marine algae can be used in general classification of organisms based on cell size and fluorescence properties. We describe the design and fabrication of a Microflow Cytometer on a chip for characterization of phytoplankton. The Microflow Cytometer measured distinct side scatter and fluorescence(More)
A method of applying a momentary mechanical stimulus to a human leg at any selected time during treadmill locomotion is described. The stimulus is produced by the breaking of a loop of fine copper wire by means of a motor and clutch device. An electrical signal at the time of stimulus is provided and the apparatus has no detrimental effect on normal walking.
Two approaches to the problem of monitoring human movement using radio frequency transducers are described. A simple two dimensional solution can monitor movement restricted to one plane, whilst a three dimensional transducer (linked to a computer), can follow movement in any plane. In both cases, by measuring the magnetic field produced by a set of small(More)
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