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ABSTRACT Fusarium head blight (FHB) or scab is a destructive disease of barley in many countries. A better understanding of the interrelationships between plant traits and FHB resistance should help in the development of effective and efficient breeding strategies for FHB-resistant cultivars. Recent mapping studies indicate that many of the quantitative(More)
In this article we show that the reconstructions of semiconductor surfaces can be determined using a genetic procedure. Coupled with highly optimized interatomic potentials, the present approach represents an efficient tool for finding and sorting good structural candidates for further electronic structure calculations and comparison with scanning(More)
 A study was conducted on a two-row/six-row cross of barley to (1) determine the yield potential, (2) detect epistasis and genetic correlations, (3) estimate the heritabilities of six agronomic traits, and (4) study the effect of the V locus on the agronomic traits in the barley cross. The effects of five other marker loci (Re2, s, R, Est1, and Est5) on the(More)
Nanostructure arrays such as nanowire, nanopillar, and nanocone arrays have been proposed to be promising antireflection structures for photovoltaic applications due to their great light trapping ability. In this paper, the optical properties of Si nanopillar and nanocone arrays in visible and infrared region were studied by both theoretical calculations(More)
We present a careful study of the energetics of vacancy and substitutional impurities in aluminum in both the bulk and small cluster environments. The calculations are done within the framework of the local-densityfunctional formalism and are based on the pseudopotential method with plane-wave expansion and periodic boundary conditions. Both the ionic and(More)
We theoretically study three-dimensional metallic photonic-band-gap ~PBG! materials at near-infrared and optical wavelengths. Our main objective is to find the importance of absorption in the metal and the suitability of observing photonic band gaps in this structure. For that reason, we study simple cubic structures and the metallic scatterers are either(More)
We study the transmission of electromagnetic waves propagating in three-dimensional disordered photonic crystals that are periodic on the average with a diamond symmetry. The transmission has been calculated using the transfer matrix method. We study two different geometries for the scatterers: spheres and rods connecting nearest neighbors. We find that the(More)