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With the fast changing global business landscape, manufacturing companies are facing increasing challenge to reduce cost of production, increase equipment utilization and provide innovative products in order to compete with countries with low labour cost and production cost. On of the methods is zero down time. Unfortunately, the current research and(More)
This paper presents an intelligent prediction and monitoring system for equipment failure prediction to support equipment maintenance, diagnostics and prognostics in manufacturing environment. The system architecture and implementation techniques, such as agent framework, real-time data acquisition and federated communication are briefly described. Details(More)
This paper investigates the use of giant magneto resistive (GMR) sensor as a part of wireless sensor node to detect the vibrations of machines for equipment health monitoring purpose. In this study, a GMR sensor is connected through a signal conditioner to a wireless node. By exploiting the sensitivity of GMR sensors to near-field changes in magnetic flux,(More)
In this paper, we investigate FPGA based wireless sensor node for distributed process monitoring. The research uses Collaborative Clusters of wireless sensor nodes concept to achieve distributed monitoring. To demonstrate the concept, a virtual chemical process unit in a typical chemical plant is used as an example application. The paper also presents the(More)
The IEC 61499 Function Block is an open standard for distributed control and automation. However, work related to using IEC61499 as code generator for various programming languages is still lacking. In this paper, a methodology for code generation based on XML and EBNF is discussed. Along with this code generator, an Iterative Knowledge Based Data Library(More)
This paper investigates a ARM and FPGA-based hybrid-processors real-time embedded Linux platform. This platform is designed as a general purpose embedded system that can be fitted into a number of applications such as digital controller, embedded web server or base station in wireless sensor networks. However, its hybrid-processors feature makes it a(More)
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a modern digital technique for processing signals. Such digital manipulation technique is computationally intensive. Hence, DSPs are traditionally deployed on modern desktop computers, or on specialized processors called digital signal processors (DSPs). Development and verification of real-time DSP algorithm, on low-power(More)
There is a trend among equipment builders to become more competitive by adding more and more features into their products. This process, which tremendously increases the complexity, is triggered by the aim to reach objectives like high reliability, speed and accuracy. In order to deal with this increasing complexity, SIMTech's manufacturing execution(More)
This paper is based on a research effort aimed at developing a generic device interface and a protocol discovery methodology that can discover user-defined messages of an otherwise standard protocol. Our research focus is on the SEMI standard protocols used in communication between semiconductor manufacturing equipment and host stations for various purposes(More)
Development of a work in progress (WIP) quality testing system is complex and requires significant effort in design, coding and integration the software with hardware components. On top of that, various regulations and testing procedures need to be observed during the testing. This paper presents a distributed control application platform (DCAP) to improve(More)
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