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1. Possible mechanisms responsible for the increases in intracellular calcium ([Ca2+]i) and sodium ([Na+]i) levels seen during metabolic inhibition were investigated by continuous [Ca2+]i and [Na+]i measurement in cultured rat cerebellar granule cells. An initial small mitochondrial Ca2+ release was seen, followed by a large influx of extracellular Ca2+. A(More)
The safety of several gene therapy approaches for treatment of the severe, X-linked bleeding disorder hemophilia is currently being evaluated in early phase clinical trials. One strategy seeks to correct deficiency of functional coagulation factor IX (hemophilia B) by intramuscular (IM) administration of an adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector. A potentially(More)
BACKGROUND Despite its well-established usefulness in the diagnosis of cervical tuberculous lymphadenitis, fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) has several limitations in its clinical applications, especially when the presence of acid-fast bacilli is not proven. Furthermore, fine-needle aspirate is sometimes inadequate for diagnosis, and the sensitivity(More)
Serine protease factor Xa plays a critical role in the coagulation cascade. Zymogen factor X is synthesized and modified in the liver. To understand the mechanisms governing the liver-specific expression of factor X, the proximal promoter of human factor X was previously characterized. Two crucial cis elements at -73 and -128 and their cognate binding(More)
The appearance of colonies on the chromogenic medium CHROMagar Candida combined with observation of morphology on corn meal-Tween 80 agar was used for the identification of 353 clinical yeast isolates. The results were compared with those obtained with API yeast identification kits. The accuracy of identification and the turnaround time were equivalent for(More)
Recent data demonstrate that the introduction into skeletal muscle of an adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector expressing blood coagulation factor IX (F.IX) can result in long-term expression of the transgene product and amelioration of the bleeding diathesis in animals with hemophilia B. These data suggest that biologically active F.IX can be synthesized in(More)
We established new cell lines from head and neck cancer patients for studies of adhesion molecules and cellular behavior in nine patients with primary or metastatic cancer treated at the Asan Medical Center. Explant cultures of fresh tumor tissue were used to develop new permanent tumor cell lines. Lines were tested for tumor formation and histology in nude(More)
This article illustrates a case of an aberrant cervical thymus presented as a neck mass. This is a case of a 4-month-old boy presenting with a right submandibular mass whose preoperative diagnosis was lymphangioma or neoplastic lesion. The mass was successfully removed and the histopathological examination showed normal thymic tissue with no diagnostic(More)
Coccidioidomycosis is endemic in regions of the Americas, but this infection may be encountered in travellers who return from an endemic region. A case is reported of a disseminated infection in a Hong Kong Chinese man, who was successfully treated with amphotericin B lipid complex (ABLC) after intolerance and toxicity precluded the use of other antifungal(More)