K.-M. Cheung

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This article develops the mathematical models needed to describe the key issues in using an array of antennas for receiving spacecraft signals for DSN applications. The detrimental effects of nearby interfering sources, such as other spacecraft transmissions or natural radio sources within the array’s field of view, on signal-to noise ratio (SNR) are(More)
In the past few years, there has been much interest at JPL in the investigation and development of efficient signal arraying techniques. As JPL missions begin to adopt Ka-band (32-GHz) for downlink communications, and the mechanical control and structural integrity of large antennas approach their limits, using advanced signal processing to array smaller(More)
A closed-form expression for the capacity of an array of correlated Gaussian channels is derived. It is shown that when signal and noise are independent, the array of observables can be replaced with a single observable without diminishing the capacity of the array channel. Examples are provided to illustrate the dependence of channel capacity on noise(More)
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