K. M. Azharul Hasan

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A new implementation scheme for relational tables in multidimensional databases is proposed and evaluated. The scheme implements a relational table by employing a multidimensional array. Using multidimensional arrays provides many advantages, however suffers from some problems. In our scheme, these problems are solved by an efficient scheme of record(More)
We describe a Context Free Grammar (CFG) for Bangla language and hence we propose a Bangla parser based on the grammar. Our approach is very much general to apply in Bangla Sentences and the method is well accepted for parsing a language of a grammar. The proposed parser is a predictive parser and we construct the parse table for recognizing Bangla grammar.(More)
We present a new implementation scheme of multidimensional array for handling large scale high dimensional datasets that grows incrementally. The scheme implements a dynamic multidimensional extendible array employing a set of two dimensional extendible arrays. The multidimensional arrays provide many advantages but it has some problems as well. The(More)
Multidimensional arrays are becoming important data structure for handling large scale multidimensional data; e.g., in scientific databases or MOLAP databases. Due to the increasing size of the data warehouses and high degree of sparsity, it becomes necessity to develop a suitable scheme to compress the multidimensional array in an efficient way so that it(More)
Parsing is a process of transforming natural language into an internal system representation, which can be trees, dependency graphs, frames or some other structural representations. If a natural language be successfully parsed then grammar checking from this language becomes easy. In this paper we describe a context free grammar for Bangla language and(More)
Multidimensional array is widely used in large number of scientific research and engineering applications for handling large multidimensional data. There exist many data structures to represent multidimensional data. But most of these data structures are static (such as traditional multidimensional array) and can not handle the dynamic extension or(More)
The object oriented programming paradigm often claimed to allow a faster development pace and higher quality of software. Within the design model, it is necessary for design classes to collaborate with one another. However, collaboration should be kept to an acceptable minimum i.e. better designing practice will introduce low coupling. If a design model is(More)
This paper proposes a structure for detecting Bangla grammar which recognizes correct Bangla sentences and rejects incorrect ones based on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar(HPSG). Context-free grammars (CFG) provide a powerful mechanism for language computation but it cannot detect the semantic errors. In case of CFG, generating huge number of grammar(More)