K. M. Abdul Hameed

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Microbial populations' inhabitants in crude petroleum contaminated soils were analyzed in relation with the soil characteristics. A noticeable greater decline of bacterial counts and diversity but a prevalence of the genus Pseudomonas over the other identified genera in the fresh contaminated soils as compared to the old ones was observed.
Dynamic or Online handwritten character recognition is a challenging field in Human Computer Interfaces. The classification success rate of current techniques decreases when the dataset involves the similarity and complexity in stroke styles, number of strokes and stroke characteristics variations. Malayalam is a complex south Indian language spoken about(More)
Although neglected, the mite Sarcoptes scabiei is an unpredictable emerging parasite, threatening human and animal health globally. In this paper we report the first fatal outbreak of sarcoptic mange in the endangered Himalayan lynx (Lynx lynx isabellinus) from Pakistan. A 10-year-old male Himalayan lynx was found in a miserable condition with severe(More)
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