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We present here an easy-to-use computer program which finds oligonucleotides suitable as primers in polymerase chain reactions (PCR) or as probes for hybridization. In contrast to other programs used for this purpose, the additional advantage of this one is the possibility of directly detecting gene- as well as gene family-specific oligonucleotides. For(More)
This paper will address a technique that could be used by small to medium sized companies to address the needs of an Intrusion Detection process. The paper assumes the budget and staff for such security mitigation is little to non-existent. I will address and recommend certain tools to assist in the implementation of the Intrusion Detection System, as well(More)
The paper will address why justify security expenditures, what methods have been used within the security industry, what caused the move to justify the security expenditures, and what is the general perception of the information security community and how are they embracing the new methods? The paper will conclude with methodologies that implement ROI, NPV,(More)
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