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The basal elements of class II promoters are: (i) a-30 region, recognized by TATA binding protein (TBP); (ii) an initiator (Inr) surrounding the start site for transcription; (iii) frequently a downstream (+10 to +35) element. To determine the sequences that specify an Inr, we performed a saturation mutagenesis of the Inr of the SV40 major late promoter(More)
We have purified factors from HeLa cell nuclear extracts that bind to the transcriptional initiation site of the SV40 major late promoter (SV40-MLP). The resulting fraction consists predominantly of three proteins, collectively called initiator-binding protein of SV40 (IBP-s) with electrophoretic mobilities of approximately 45-55 kD. Gel mobility-shift and(More)
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