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This paper presents SHiMmer, a wireless platform for sensing and actuation that combines localized processing with energy harvesting to provide long-lived structural health monitoring. The life-cycle of the node is significantly extended by the use of super-capacitors for energy storage instead of batteries. During this period the node is expected to work(More)
A probabilistic approach to determine design parameters for damage-tolerant composite aircraft structures has been developed. The main criterion for acceptance of a structure is a specified probability of failure. The development of this approach is motivated by the increasing use of damage-sensitive composite aircraft structures. The resulting(More)
Overview The FAA-sponsored Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials in Transport Aircraft Structures (AMTAS) is a consortium of academic institutions, aerospace companies, and government agencies. AMTAS seeks solutions to problems associated with existing, near-and long-term applications of composites and other advanced materials in large transport(More)
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