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The aim of eSTREAM Profile II is to identify a small number of stream ciphers that are suitable for low resource circuitry based implementation. Besides algorithmic properties and security evaluation to theoretical attacks, performance evaluation is another important task of eSTREAM that is being considered. In this contribution we summarize and explain our(More)
This contribution describes general considerations for evaluating the quality of a cryptographic implementation, with a strong focus on hardware implementation of stream ciphers. In particular, the features area efficiency, power, and secure implementation are discussed. Even though the main target of the treatment here are stream ciphers, some of the(More)
Project co-funded by the European Commission within the 6th Framework Programme Dissemination Level PU Public X PP Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission services) RE Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission services) CO Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the(More)
A computer package written in Fortran-IV for the PDP-11 minicomputer is described. The package's novel features are: software for voice-entry of sequence data; a less memory intensive algorithm for optimal sequence alignment; and programs that fit statistical models to nucleic acid and protein sequences.
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