K. Lemke

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We recently reported that the antitumor triazoloacridone, compound C-1305, is a topoisomerase II poison with unusual properties. In this study we characterize the DNA interactions of C-1305 in vitro, in comparison with other topoisomerase II inhibitors. Our results show that C-1305 binds to DNA by intercalation and possesses higher affinity for GC- than(More)
Chalcone constitutes one of the most used molecular frameworks in medicinal chemistry and its derivatives exhibit a broad spectrum of biological activities. Low absolute bioavailability, poor distribution, intensive metabolism and elimination of chalcones are the main problems in designing new drugs based on their structure. One of the fundamental steps in(More)
A computer package written in Fortran-IV for the PDP-11 minicomputer is described. The package's novel features are: software for voice-entry of sequence data; a less memory intensive algorithm for optimal sequence alignment; and programs that fit statistical models to nucleic acid and protein sequences.
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