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ii iii To beloved family, my loved one, all the MatLab users out there, and /k/tards iv AKNOWLEDGEMENT I'd like to firstly express my deepest gratitude to Dr Azhar for guiding me throughout the entire process of completing this project and thesis. His supervision, advice, guidance and encouragement has helped me tremendously, even when I thought I have hit(More)
Wireless communication has become ubiquitous in everyday life. However, in the last two decades, much has changed in the RF transceiver design that provides the essential linkage between the antenna and baseband signal processing unit. As more and more wireless applications spring up in the commercial world and the data rate continues to climb at a fast(More)
Summary form only given. This key-note presentation begins with the introduction of critical technologies driving smartphone and tablet markets such as increasingly demanding CPU performance, wireless and wired connectivity requirements, memory capacity and bandwidth, display/multimedia performance and longer usage time - which requires sophisticated low(More)
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