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Compressed sensing helps in the reconstruction of sparse or compressible signals from small number of measurements. The sparse representation has great importance in modern signal processing. The main objective is to provide a strong understanding of the concept behind the theory of compressed sensing by using the key ideas from linear algebra. In this(More)
– This paper presents a new approach with artificial immune system algorithm to solve the profit based unit commitment problem. The objective of this work is to find the optimal generation scheduling and to maximize the profit of generation companies (Gencos) when subjected to various constraints such as power balance, spinning reserve, minimum up/down time(More)
In the new restructured electricity power industry, a Generation Company (GENCO) with thermo-electric amenities faces the optimal problem of how to attain a maximum profit by considering the price uncertainties. In deregulated power markets, the maximization of profit is different from the minimization of cost because generation companies no longer have the(More)
This brief paper proposes an efficient multi-input/multi-output VLSI Folded Architecture (MIMOFA) for two-dimensional lifting-based discrete wavelet transforms (DWT). In comparison with other 2-D DWT folded architecture, the advantages of the proposed architecture are 100% hardware utilization, fast computing time (10 times of the parallel filters), regular(More)
In recent years many efforts have been made on routing the data in mobile ad hoc networks efficiently. Subsequently, several specialists have provided distinct routing protocol for ad hoc networks, especially routing protocols using the concept of multiple paths such as AOMDV. This is on the account of the utilization of multipath routing protocols that has(More)
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