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In this paper, a novel method for automated diagnosis of cervical cancer by extracting cytoplasm and nuclei from cervical cytology images is described. The background is removed by preprocessing methods like Edge sharpening and Adaptive Histogram Equalization. Fuzzy thresholding and Active contours are used for extracting the region of interest containing(More)
With overwhelming growth of information technology, better organization of documents is required for easy access of information. Hence the need for text categorization becomes critical. Many researchers have turned their attention towards text categorization. Text categorization is the automated assignment of predefined categories to the text documents(More)
Aim of this work is to produce excellent accuracy with reduced feature set by a simple method. When the profile built using a feature selection method called MSNR (maximized signal to noise ratio) combined with modified fractional similarity method, it performs in a competitive manner. MSNR identifies the highly contributing features and increases the(More)
Ascorbate peroxidase, a haem protein (EC, efficiently scavenges hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)) in cytosol and chloroplasts of plants. In this study, a full-length coding sequence of thylakoid-bound ascorbate peroxidase cDNA (TatAPX) was cloned from a drought tolerant wheat cultivar C306. Homology modeling of the TatAPX protein was performed by(More)
The vast growth of Internet and digital contents of Internet creates much interest on automated image indexing and retrieval techniques. Most commercial Content Based Image Retrieval systems use color histograms as one of the features. In this work, we have prepared combined color histograms for three regions (top, bottom and middle) of the image. The(More)