K. Lakshmi Madhuri

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UNLABELLED To elucidate the biodiversity of plant growth-promoting (PGP) bacteria in active volcano sites of Barren Island, India, a total of 102 bacteria were isolated and screened for their multifunctional PGP properties. The results revealed that 21 isolates (20.6%) survived heat shock at 72°C and 11 (10.8%) isolates were able to grow exposed to 25% NaCl(More)
State of the art research in data mining is focusing on loosely distributed regionalized large scale databases using cloud computing for business applications. Cloud computing poses a diversity of challenges in data mining operation arising out of the dynamic structure of data distribution as against the use of typical database scenarios in conventional(More)
A simple, sensitive and reproducible method was developed and validated for the simultaneous estimation of diethylcarbamazine and levocetirizine in its tablet formulation by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography using Waters1515 HPLC with UV detector at the λ(max) of 224 nm, using Princeton Sphere-100 C(18) (250×4.6 mm. 5 μ) column. The(More)
World wide technological advancement has brought in a widespread change in adoption and utilization of open source tools. Since, most of the organizations across the globe deal with a large amount of data to be updated online and transactions are made every second, managing, mining and processing this dynamic data is very complex. Successful implementation(More)
Saussurea lappa Clarke (Compositae) is a traditionally known and potent plant which is well considered for its medicinal uses in different indigenous Indian systems of medicine. It is popularly known as Kuth root or costus and used in various traditional system of medicine for its anti-ulcer, anti-convulsant, anti-cancer, hepatoprotective, anti-arthritic,(More)
Trichoderma, soil-borne filamentous fungi, are capable of parasitising several plant pathogenic fungi. Twelve isolates of Trichoderma spp. isolated from different locations of South Andaman were characterized for their cultural, morphological and antagonistic activity against soil borne and foliar borne pathogens. The sequencing of these isolates showed(More)
BACKGROUND Despite endorsement of the line probe assay (LPA) for the diagnosis of drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis patients, there is limited data available on the performance of LPAs in India, especially from high burden states like Maharashtra, for the early diagnosis and detection of drug resistance, in order to initiate timely and appropriate(More)
This study identifies the Colletotrichum spp. which cause Morinda anthracnose in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. A survey of Indian mulberry plantations was carried out to ascertain the identity of isolates associated with Morinda anthracnose. These were identified as C. gloeosporioides based on morphology and sequencing analysis of internal(More)
Authentication and authorization are two tightly coupled and interrelated concepts which are used to keep transactions secure and help in protecting confidential information. This paper proposes to evaluate the current techniques used for authentication and authorization also compares them with the best practices and universally accepted authentication and(More)
Human dirofilariasis is a rare infection caused by filarial worms of genus Dirofilaria. Subconjunctival dirofilariasis has been reported from Asia, Europe, Italy and Africa. In India majority cases are from Kerala, Karnataka and very few from Maharashtra. We report the rare case of subconjunctival dirofilariasis caused by Dirofilaria repens from(More)
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