K. Lakshmanan

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Cyanobacterial KnowledgeBase (CKB) is a free access database that contains the genomic and proteomic information of 74 fully sequenced cyanobacterial genomes belonging to seven orders. The database also contains tools for sequence analysis. The Species report and the gene report provide details about each species and gene (including sequence features and(More)
We consider the problem of undiscounted reinforcement learning in continuous state space. Regret bounds in this setting usually hold under various assumptions on the structure of the reward and transition function. Under the assumption that the rewards and transition probabilities are Lipschitz, for 1-dimensional state space a regret bound of Õ(T 3 4 )(More)
UNLABELLED SynRio is a Shiny and R based web analysis portal for viewing Synechocystis PCC 6803 genome, a cyanobacterial genome with data analysis capabilities. The web based user interface is created using R programming language powered by Shiny package. This web interface helps in creating interactive genome visualization based on user provided data(More)
The Multiply-Accumulator (MAC) unit always lies in the critical path that determines the speed of the overall hardware systems. Therefore, a high-speed MAC that is capable of supporting multiple precisions and parallel operations is highly desirable. This paper describes the implementation of a MAC unit using area efficient Vedic multiplier which enhanced(More)
We present a novel multi-timescale Q-learning algorithm for average cost control in a Markov decision process subject to multiple inequality constraints. We formulate a relaxed version of this problem through the Lagrange multiplier method. Our algorithm is different from Q-learning in that it updates two parameters - a Q-value parameter and a policy(More)
Multi-core architectures, which have multiple processing units on a single chip, are widely used as a way to achieve higher processor performance. They have potential to deliver increased performance over single-core processors. Multi-core processors have become mainstream in processor design. In multiprocessing, only inter task parallelism can be achieved.(More)
In Conventional Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer, the presence of ROM results in large size and complexity. Some DDFS is based on a mathematical series which also has some computational time delay. This paper deals with the Artificial Neural Network based DDFS architecture with linear transfer function, unlike the non-linear transfer function [3], which(More)
Policy gradient methods are widely used in reinforcement learning algorithms to search for better policies in the parameterized policy space. They do gradient search in the policy space and are known to converge very slowly. Nesterov developed an accelerated gradient search algorithm for convex optimization problems. This has been recently extended for(More)