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OBJECTIVE To introduce our experiences of using the reverse posterior interosseous flap and its composite flap. METHODS In the series of 201 cases, the fasciocutaneous flap was used to cover skin defects over the distal 1/3rd forearm, wrist and hand in 174 cases. The composite flap with the vascularised ulna bone graft was used to reconstruct the thumbs(More)
Based on anatomic study, the vascularized capitate transposition to replace excised necrotic lunate was designed and applied in 40 cases of advanced Kienböck disease. It includes excision of the necrotic lunate and proximal shift of the vascularized capitate. The blood supply of the transposed capitate is provided by the dorsal branch of the anterior(More)
BACKGROUND The increased use of all-ceramic crown provides a rationale for tooth-colored core. Due to superior mechanical properties, Vita Celay infiltration ceramic developed for crown and bridge works presents the potential for fabricating all-ceramic posts and cores in one piece. This study was conducted to compare the fracture strength of endodontically(More)
With development of fast modern computers, it has become possible to extend model predictive control (MPC) method to automotive engine control systems, which is traditionally applied to plants with dynamics slow enough to allow computations between samples. In this paper MPC based on an adaptive neural network model is attempted for air fuel ratio (AFR), in(More)
Adsorbable organic halogen compounds (AOX) exist persistently in the aquatic environment, and accumulate in the food chain. Some of them are toxic for humans and other organisms. However, hospital wastewater is considered as an important source of AOX in municipal wastewater. The aim of this study was to evaluate the generation of AOX both in a raw hospital(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the reliability and validity of the Chinese version of Pittsburgh sleep quality index (PSQI) among the medical students. METHODS A total of 603 undergraduate students were selected from a medical school in Beijing using a stratified-cluster random-sampling strategy, who were assessed by using the Chinese version of PSQI. Then 171(More)
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