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—Steganography is the approach for hiding any secret message in a variety of multimedia carriers like images, audio or video files. Whenever we are hiding a data, it is very important to make it invisible, so that it could be protected. A number of steganographic algorithms have been proposed based on this property of a steganographic system. This paper(More)
As the multimedia and internet technologies are growing fast, the transmission of digital media plays an important role in communication. The various digital media like audio, video and images are being transferred through internet. There are a lot of threats for the digital data that are transferred through internet. Also, a number of security techniques(More)
Association rule mining is an active data mining research area and most ARM algorithms cater to a centralized environment. Centralized data mining to discover useful patterns in distributed databases isn't always feasible because merging data sets from different sites incurs huge network communication costs. In this paper, an Improved algorithm based on(More)
Large volumes of data are available in the web. The discussion forum, review sites, blogs and news corpora are some of the opinion rich resources. The opinions obtained from those can be classified and used for gathering online customer's preferences. Techniques are being applied to design a system that identifies and classify opinions spread largely in the(More)
One third of the world's population is thought to have been infected with mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) with new infection occurring at a rate of about one per second. TB typically attacks the lungs. Indication of cavities in upper lobes of lungs shows the high infection. Traditionally, it has been detected manually by physicians. But the automatic(More)
Multicore architecture otherwise called as CMP has many processors packed together on a single chip utilizes hyper threading technology. The main reason for adding large amount of processor core brings massive advancements in parallel computing paradigm. The enormous performance enhancement in multicore platform injects lot of challenges to the task(More)