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Microplastics have been recently identified as marine pollutants of significant concern due to their persistence, ubiquity and potential to act as vectors for the transfer and exposure of persistent organic pollutants to marine organisms. This study documents, for the first time, the presence and abundance of microplastics (>1.6 microm) in Singapore's(More)
Two studies evaluated the correspondence between self-reported well-being and codings of emotion and life content by the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC; Pennebaker, Booth, & Francis, 2011). Open-ended diary responses were collected from 206 participants daily for 3 weeks (Study 1) and from 139 participants twice a week for 8 weeks (Study 2). LIWC(More)
High-strength dental stone is widely used to produce dies for the fabrication of restorations with the lost-wax technique. It is normal to wait at least 24 hours for casts to dry and gain sufficient strength prior to initiating laboratory procedures. This waiting time may be greatly reduced by using microwave drying. This study determined the optimum(More)
Electrical characterization of the hafnium oxide (HfO2) gate dielectric films prepared by Hf sputtering in oxygen was conducted. By measuring the current–voltage (I–V ) characteristics at temperature ranging from 300 to 500 K, several abnormalities in the I–V characteristics are recorded. For temperatures below 400 K, the current–voltage characteristics in(More)
For a connected graph G containing no bridges, let D(G) be the family of strong orientations of G; and for any D ∈ D(G), we denote by d(D) the diameter of D. The orientation number d (G) of G is defined by → d (G)=min{d(D) |D ∈ D(G)}. In this paper, we study the orientation numbers of a family of graphs, denoted by G(p, q;m), that are obtained from the(More)
A 105-d field experiment was conducted to determine the potential of the slow-release fertilizer, Osmocote (Scotts, Marysville, OH), to stimulate the indigenous microbial biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in an oil-spiked beach sediment on an intertidal foreshore in Singapore. Triplicate microcosms containing 80 kg of weathered sediment, spiked with(More)
A new family of compound Poisson distribution functions from statistical linguistic is used to study the n-tuples and nucleotide composition features of DNA sequences. The relative frequency distribution of the 6-tuples and 7tuples occurrence studies suggest that most of the DNA sequences follow the general shape of the compound Poisson distribution. It is(More)